5 Upcoming Awards Contenders You Should Know About

Starting this month, Hollywood will begin releasing all of its awards contenders into theaters around the world. Based on the massive amount of upcoming titles too, it’s hard to know which ones are worth getting excited for. So for those who are wondering what they should go out of their way to see in theaters this year, here are the five major awards contenders you should keep an eye out for throughout the rest of 2017.


Netflix has been in the movie-making business for years now, but none of their previous movies have ever had the same early buzz that Mudbound does. The film premiered to rapturous acclaim at Sundance in January, and has been on the minds of the film community ever since. Dealing with issues of race, community, and friendship, Mudbound looks to be one of this year’s few true epics.

Mudbound will be released by Netflix on November 17th.


Guillermo del Toro is already a very well-respected name in the movie industry. But this year, he’s returning to the big screen with one of the most critically-acclaimed outings of his entire career with The Shape of Water. It promises to be del Toro’s version of a Beauty and the Beast story, and the film looks to be just as romantic and moody as that pitch suggests.

Fox Searchlight is releasing The Shape of Water on December 8th.


A24 is set to release a number of exciting movies over the next few months, but none are likely to have the same awards potential as The Florida Project. In specific, expect major awards campaigns made for both director Sean Baker and Willem Dafoe. Especially since the latter has already received serious acclaim for his performance in the film, following some of its early festival screenings.

A24 will release The Florida Project on October 5th.


Similar to Mudbound, director Luca Guadagnino’s Call Me By Your Name became an early awards contender immediately following its first festival screening. It is possible that the film’s controversial premise of an older man having a summer fling with an underage boy may turn some viewers and Academy voters off. But thanks to both its quality and overwhelming critical love, Call Me By Your Name will still have an undoubtedly large presence at awards shows later this year.

Call Me By Your Name is hitting theaters on November 24th.


Following what some believed to be his best film to date with 2015’s Carol, director Todd Haynes will return to the cinema this year with Wonderstruck. Set in both 1920s and 1970s New York, the film is said to be about how cinema can bind a number of seemingly unrelated people together, and as such, promises to be Haynes’ most ambitious piece of directorial work to date. Plus, there’s nothing the Academy loves more than a film about the power of cinema.

Wonderstruck will be released on October 20th.