7 Cult Favorite TV Shows Netflix Should Revive

When a popular TV show’s run comes to an end, fans can’t help but mourn its death as if it’s a loved one. The rise of streaming services has provided a second life for cult favorites. However, in just the past few years we’ve seen shows like Arrested Development, Community, Full House and The Mindy Project make triumphant returns with new episodes on Netflix. While there are plenty of shows we would love to see return, there are some — Seinfeld, Lost and The Sopranos come to mind — we won’t be holding our breath waiting for. That said, we do have at least a sliver of hope that these seven shows could come back.


Given the country’s obsession with football and the success of Netflix’s Last Chance U, there’s a strong possibility Friday Night Lights will get a reboot in the future. While it’s unlikely we’ll see the same characters, a new storyline involving the Dillon High School football team and the close-knit rural Texas community that supports it would be a welcomed addition to Netflix.Image via Pinterest


NBC’s adaptation of the popular English show was a massive success and even after nine seasons, fans are clamoring for more. For a reboot to really work, major players would need to be convinced to return — Steve Carell being the most important. Simply put, no one else can play Michael Scott like Carell. A one-season release that updated fans on the lives of their favorite Dunder Mifflin employees seems like the most likely bet for a reboot.Image via Gizmodo


Futurama has already come back from the dead once and, given the show’s strong following, is a good candidate for another revival on Netflix. Those involved with the show have vocally supported their desire to bring Futurama back, so there’s definitely a shot. Netflix could make up for its decision to remove the existing episodes from its platform by agreeing to take on new ones.Image via Yahoo


How To Make It In America was incorrectly dubbed by some as Entourage in New York City, as the series was much more about hustle than glitz and glam. The series was cancelled without a proper sendoff after two seasons on HBO, but stars Bryan Greenberg and Victor Rasuk have suggested they would be interested in a return on another platform. While How To Make It initially focused on the rise of streetwear, the popularity of athleisure could provide a new avenue for Greenberg and Rasuk’s characters.Image via Business Insider


Few comedy series have attracted followings comparable to NBC’s Parks and Rec. The Amy Poehler-led series about the Parks and Recreation department of fictional Pawnee, Ind. kick-started the careers of Aziz Ansari, Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt and further endeared us to Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones, Adam Scott and Robe Lowe. A terrific cast, to say the least.Image via TV Time


Despite airing for just three seasons, Dave Chappelle’s sketch comedy series was so popular that the comedian decided to escape to Africa to avoid the spotlight it created. In 2013, Chappelle returned to stand-up full-time and even hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live last year. Following his two successful Netflix stand-up specials, the streaming service would be an appropriate home for the return of Chappelle’s Show.Image via Chicago Fashion Blogs


For eight seasons, Dr. Gregory House (Hugh Laurie) and his team of diagnosticians enthralled viewers as they tackled rare and unusual conditions head-on. Laurie’s performance as House, a medical genius with a pain medication dependency, was particularly fun to watch and enough reason to suggest a reboot. Get Laurie on board and you’ve got yourself an immediate hit.Image via Movieplayer