Advantage Omar London Episode 5: Omar Says Goodbye

Omar Miller says his goodbyes to London, but not before one big sending off for the fifth episode of the Tennis Channel’s Advantage Omar. Omar heads to STK London to host some of new and old friends over mouth-watering food and refreshing drinks. However, the party continues through the night as Omar seeks out more local fare at the Urban Food Fest. We asked Omar about some of the most common misconceptions about London:

London has bad food.
No way! You can eat like the King with such a diverse body of restaurants it’ll make your head spin.
It’s too expensive to enjoy.
With the shared economy in full effect you can enjoy London on a budget and find yourself a great time. Norwegian Air has round trip flights for less than $500
It’s too formal.
London is Young and diverse. Whatever your preference for food, drink, lodging or transportation she can accommodate you.