How to Take More Style Risks This Fall

We all love tried-and-true menswear staples to reach for everyday — from the classic Oxford to dark denim, these are pieces that just work … and work. But what about when you want to switch things up from the everyday? When you want to take more style risks? That’s easily doable with a collection like NOMAD from Five Four, a modern, breezy menswear collection that’ll help you break out of your comfort zone the right way.


It all starts with the way NOMAD shakes up the fabric and fit of otherwise classically designed pieces. If you want to switch up the way you dress, that’s how to do it — take a piece like the Danilo Long Sleeve Shirt. It features all the hallmarks of a classic piece, including a crisp white color, yet the fit is slightly slouchier and the band collar is an interesting design touch. In short, if you want to step carefully, yet solidly, into the realm of different-than-average menswear, that’s one way to do it.

Five Four NOMAD Danilo Long Sleeve


Taking risks with your daily style also gets easier if you stick with colors and styles you already know and love — take the Munich Sweater, an edgier take on a classic cardigan. Done up in sharp black, it would work nicely with similarly unique pieces, like black moto jeans and suede Chelsea boots. It brings a bit of high-fashion edge to fall layering, another tip to keep in mind this season as you look to switch up your style.

Five Four NOMAD Munich Sweater


You’d also do well to look for pieces that take a traditional silhouette and upgrade it just a bit with clever design touches, like the variation on the classic T-shirt that is the Massi Tee. The rounded hemline and panels across the chest of the T-shirt itself give it a different look and feel than a normal white tee, exactly what you want when it comes to changing up how you wear your favorite menswear.

Five Four NOMAD Massi Tee

So, to recap: Unique fabrics and fits are your friend. Cool texture and interesting design touches add some flair to ordinary menswear staples. And sticking to colors and silhouettes you already know and love is a great starting point when it comes to switching up your fall wardrobe rotation.

Got all that? OK, time to get to work.